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Wine DSGn Thinking®

An active tool though which we carry out a complete analysis of the wine industry to design the projects that we develop under our brand. Thanks to Wine DSGn Thinking® we become prescribers of the wines we imagine.

For the implementation of the Wine DSGn Thinking® method we have a selected team of professionals and external collaborators: oenologists, agronomists and cellar masters who allow us to overcome the physical limitations of a conventional winery to produce the wines we design.

What variety? What terroir? What fermentation? What…?

Traditional wineries determine these details based on their limitations, resulting in the wine they make in subsequent vintages.

At ANTIGVA we answer these basic questions at the beginning of each new wine project, starting from a design, prior to the conceptualization and production of wines never before made, through our unique Wine DSGn Thinking® method that we develop in 5 phases:

1. Empathy

It is the ability that allows us to put ourselves in the place of the consumer and wine lover. We detect preferences and needs, but also ideal moments, desirable pairings… We taste more and more wine, made with various local and foreign varieties, with different blends and from different national and international regions.

2. Definition

We determine the particularities of the future wine with the design of a clear and concrete proposal: white, red, rosé or sparkling; cold maceration; contact or not with its lees; short or long fermentation; profile, acidity, structure… always with the complicity of our customers and the market.

3. Research

We analyze terroirs taking into account its characteristics, treatments, biodiversity, nutrients, etc. We seek the estate that meets the appropriate attributes and the specific vineyard, as well as a winemaker specialized in elaborations that coincide with the uniqueness of the designed wine. This phase includes market research and brainstorming for branding, label design or the selection of the most suitable bottle.

4. Elaboration

As the creative team develops the external aspects of the new wine, it’s time to move from decision-making to action. The processes for the elaboration begin, determining the ideal moment for the harvest as well as the methods of maceration, fermentation and their containers; breeding and rest times, etc.

5. Limited series

The result we obtain is a limited series wine that will be stored and preserved at a controlled temperature, guaranteeing that it will reach the final consumer in its best conditions. With the validation of our clients, expert sommeliers and dedicated competitions, this design wine will continue in the following vintages.



After several generations dedicated to grape-growing and vineyard maintenance, the current heirs made the decision to become winemakers.
We made a young and spontaneous sparkling wine that was named as White Label. Its release of 983 bottles was the winery’s debut feature. This Cava continued with a more refined profile, being renamed Blanc de Blancs under the brand name ANTIGVA.
We wanted to make a fine and elegant sparkling wine, with a lower pressure in bottle than usual. It would be a Cava that could accompany every gastronomic evening, from start to finish, capable of pairing meat, fish, rice, pasta, salads... 1,289 bottles of the 2010 vintage were launched. The following vintage became ANTIGVA Millésimé.
We were looking for a terroir and a variety that could offer a red wine with character, elegant and complex. In the Ribera del Duero we found the Tempranillo, as well as a family willing to create a strategic alliance that would allow us to make the barrel-aged wine we had in mind. We launched 1,763 bottles of the 2011 vintage. Specialist’s opinions immediately consolidated it in our collection.
The Trepat grape, native to Conca de Barberà, facilitates the production of light, fruity wines with good acidity. We located a small production that we elaborate with a Monastrell coupage, resulting in a sparkling wine with a lot of personality, suitable for aperitifs and as an evening drink. The 2012 vintage produced 478 bottles. Currently, it is our most appreciated Cava by our youngest audience.
The experience we acquired overcoming the physical limitations of the winery to make the wines we imagined, led us to develop our own unique methodology with which to prototype limited series wines, first at the request of our main exporters, but also of our friends and more intimate and loyal customers.
To worship Cabernet Sauvignon, the most popular variety on the planet, we proposed a single production of 2,400 numbered bottles of a red wine aged in French oak barrels, with balsamic notes and aromas of ripe fruit. It would be accompanied by another 2,400 numbered bottles of a white Sauvignon Blanc, fermented in stainless steel tanks. In La Mancha we found a selection of old vines that made this goal a reality.
La colección Analema son vinos de diseño desde su concepción hasta elaboración, embotellado y lanzamiento.
The Analema collection is born: a varietal of Garnacha Peluda with fifteen months of aging in first-use French oak barrels, and a Garnacha Blanca with nine months of aging in acacia. The situation derived from covid-19 conditions a prolonged rest in bottle that favors its settlement. Productions is limited to 600 bottles, celebrating the birth of the Wine Thinking Club®.

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