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Old vines, unique grounds and cellar masters

After several generations dedicated to grape-growing and vineyard maintainance, the current heirs made the decision to become winemakers. To do so, we reached and agreement with a family that owned a neighboring winery, who allowed us to use their facilities to make our first bottles.

Encouraged by the response of the sector, but limited by the same conditioning factors as any winery, we ventured in the search of other varieties, terroirs and climates that, with a team of professionals, would allow us to produce the special wines we imagined.


Red, White and Hairy Garnacha

At the Les Rotes state, in Els Guiamets, we find 2.6 ha of vineyards planted in the 1950s. At 300 meters above sea level and protected from the breeze by the mountains, the terroir is calcareous, with clays, dolomites and nodules formed by gypsum, sand and flint. The southeast orientation and the microclimate influenced by river Ebro with contrasting temperatures raise polyphenols, producing fruity and aromatic wines. The winery occupies the ground floor of a family home where we make long-aging wines using traditional methods in acacia, cherry or chestnut barrels.



In Roa we find the El Cardenal estate, with an area of 5.3 ha at 800 meters above sea level. It is a plot of vines with very low productivity and more than 65 years old, of the Tempranillo variety. The climate is Mediterranean with a continental character and marked thermal oscillations throughout the seasons that produce a strong skin. The terroir has limestone sediments, clay soils and stony areas in the upper parts, which add complexity and structure to the wine. The aging takes place in French and American oak barrels with a medium toast controlled by the winemaker.


Macabeo, Parellada, Xarel·lo y Chardonnay

The El Beset estate, in Torrelles de Foix, has 1.8 ha at 365 meters above sea level. Climate is mild, generally warm and temperate, with rainfall even during the dry months of summer. Terroir is calcareous, clay-loam and deep, with good water retention, even favoring drainage that prevents it from flooding. In the winery, the exhaustive selection of the yeasts added to the base wine for the second fermentation in the bottle, with temperature control, are key for the sparkling wines to develop a small and perfectly integrated bubble, together with a natural flavor without added sugars.


Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc y Verdejo

Vineyards in Navalafuente estate occupy only 0.9 ha. Terroir is calcareous, with clays and a stony presence. The climate of contrasts and extreme temperatures, with very dry summers and extremely cold winters and abundant snow, stresses the old vines, leading to a very low but very high quality productivity. Barely 4 kg are harvested per vine, that are exclusively dedicated to make our intense limited series Cabernet Sauvignon, aged in French oak barrels with medium toast and first use in each vintage. We take advantage of the quality of the white varieties on the estate to produce young and fresh varietals, fermented in stainless steel tanks.

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