Analema Rosat de l'alba

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Analema Rosat de l’alba

The production of this rosé wine is limited to 600 bottles as memorable as they are fleeting, made with our unique method, and specially for the members of the Wine Thinking Club®, now available to all wine lovers until the present vintage is exhausted. Do not miss the opportunity to taste a unique wine!

31,59 ud.

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Weight 1,5 kg





13,5% Vol


750 ml


~ 600


Tasting notes

Pale, clean and bright ruby rosé wine, with lively and attractive tones thanks to its fermentation in barrels. The aroma is clean, intense and complex, rich in notes of red plum, currants and other red fruits, with a marked floral background. In the mouth it is sweet and fresh, highlighting notes of red peach and cherry. It is an intense, tasty, balanced and long wine, whose fresh acidity balances the alcoholic degree, providing a good body on the palate.


Food pairing notes

Valencian paella, honeyed rice meals, risotto, fresh pasta salads, river fish, blue fish, young and creamy cheeses, white meats, grilled and roasted vegetables.


Winemaker notes

Rosé wine of the Garnacha Peluda and Picapoll Blanca varieties fermented in second-use acacia oak barrels for a minimum of 4 months, lightly stirred periodically. Subsequent bottling and rest in a chamber at controlled temperature for a minimum period of 8 months. To respect its quality, it has not undergone any type of physical treatment so it can lead to light precipitation.

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Analema Rosat de l'alba

31,59 ud.
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