Our Family

First generation winemakers, we are a family educated with the same values as those who worked the ground for a lifetime. Responsibility, love and patience is what we give to nature, which returns it to us in the form of very special wines.

The impeller

Main architect of the project, he convinced the family to become winemakers. He is WSET, as well as a comic book reader and eighties films lover. He wants to taste all the wines on the planet.

The conceptualizer

If wine sows poetry in the hearts, he assembles puzzles with words. Loves creativity, music and movies. About wine, he knows what he knows, which is not little, but he knows very well the taste of a good wine.

The big boss

He made a career in the textile industry, but still remembers the warm summers of his childhood among vines. Follower of The Goal and Wim Mertens. When he wants to hear God laughing, he tells him about his plans. They end up sharing a bottle of wine.
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