Jancis Robins

Jancis Robinson shatters 10 myths of the world of wine

When was the last time a sommelier recommended a white wine to pair with a beef chop?

The answer may probably be never.

The world of wine is full of false myths. Today we bring you from the hand of Jancis Robinson, the planet’s main prescriber, and her book “Wine Expert in 24 Hours”, the 10 false myths about the world of wine that you should know.

1. Red for meat, white for fish

There are white wines that pair perfectly with chicken, pork or mild stews, and red wines that go well with fish or salads. How it is cooked is as important as the raw material when choosing the wine.

2. European wines are better than American

Wine does not understand continents. The main thing is to try it yourself.

3. The more expensive the better

There are really special elaborations and fabulous vintages that increase the price. But sometimes it’s about a luxury brand positioning, gained over the years.

4. Red wine has a higher alcohol content that white

Although this was so originally, the current pace of life has led wineries to look for alternatives that allow you to have a glass of wine between meals, before continuing the day. This is how the 37.5 cl bottles and low alcohol red wines were born.

5. The heavier the bottle, the better

Thick glass is a tool used to raise the price, but not the value of wine. Except for sparkling wines, which need a thick glass to withstand the pressure derived from the second fermentation.

6. The bigger the slit, the better

The indentation at the base of the bottle serves for stability and helps build up sediment, and even to serve the wine with style. But it is not related to the quality of the wine.

7. Rosé wine is for women

Wine does not understand genres either.

8. In restaurants, wine is given to taste to see if it’s liked

Wine is given to taste in a restaurant to see if it suffers from TCA, popularly known as ‘cork smell’. But a self-respecting sommelier would detect it as soon as he opened the bottle, and would never offer it if it was the case.

9. Wine needs aeration

This is not the case with young wines or sparkling wines, which are enjoyed instantly. If it is a long-aging wine, this is different.

10. Wine improves with time

Young wines, rosé wines and white wines lose expressiveness over time. These are made for short-term consumption. As for aged wines, it is advisable to seek advice and assess whether it is worth the wait. Neither wines nor people are made to last forever.

As for the beef chop, it can be paired with a full-bodied white wine, citrus aromas and exotic fruits, which is rich and mineral in the mouth. An Arretxea Hegoxuri from Irulegi would be an excellent choice, worthy of a true prescriber!

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