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An indecent proposal

In a meeting, our main importer in the US expressed his desire to find a wine made with white grapes, floral aroma and capacity for a long aging. Reminiscent of honey, almond, notes of blue fruits and syrups. Balanced and elegant, with great personality and high expressiveness. Although the prospects conditioned by our resources weren’t optimistic, we replied: “We don’t have what you ask, but we will find a way to make it possible”.

Almost two years later, after an exhaustive search and a process of experimentation,

we traveled to the US with two bottles yet to be labeled, and a lot of excitement. We presented him a wine made with the white variety Garnacha Blanca, fermented in acacia barrels for six months on its lees. At last, the customer had found his wine.

It was then that we understood that the complacency of wine lovers can’t be subject to the limitations of a winery, its vineyards and terroir. We had found a new way of working. Without knowing it, we were shaping the unique method that we call Wine DSGn Thinking®.

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