«There are 1,368 vine varieties with sufficient abundance and quality to be vinified»

Despite this great number of varieties, only 17 represent more than 85 % of world wine production. These can be combined in different coupages, made with different types of maceration and aging, and matured in barrels of different materials such as wood, steel, clay… which can take different shapes: elliptical, ovoid, cubic…

We find ourselves in front of a world of infinite possibilities. So, why should we drink the wine that the wineries determine, always according to their interests?



The collection

SINCE 2010

An indecent proposal

In a meeting, our main importer in the US expressed his desire to find a wine made with white grapes, floral aroma and capacity for a long aging. Reminiscent of honey, almond, notes of blue fruits and syrups. Balanced and elegant, with great personality and high expressiveness. Although the prospects conditioned by our resources weren’t optimistic, we replied: “We don’t have what you ask, but we will find a way to make it possible”.

Almost two years later, after an exhaustive search and a process of experimentation,

we traveled to the US with two bottles yet to be labeled, and a lot of excitement. We presented him a wine made with the white variety Garnacha Blanca, fermented in acacia barrels for six months on its lees. At last, the customer had found his wine.

It was then that we understood that the complacency of wine lovers can’t be subject to the limitations of a winery, its vineyards and terroir. We had found a new way of working. Without knowing it, we were shaping the unique method that we call Wine DSGn Thinking®.


We work as a team, with passion, responsibility, sustainability, solidarity and transparency, to offer you excellent products with the utmost respect for the environment.


We create the ideal wine for each person of legal age who practices responsible consumption. Because who doesn’t like wine, has not yet found his.


We communicate in a direct and fresh way, with an avant-garde image and highest quality products and services, to prove that there is a different way of experiencing the world of wine.


We collaborate with non-profit organizations. With your purchase, you help us to continue building a better world for everyone.