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AkataVino Awards 2022

A total of 3,000 wines from 1,000 Spanish wineries participated in the IV Edition of the CIVAS 2021 Contest. In this biannual contest, a total of 500 finalist wines are selected with a Gold Medal and a score of more than 90 points, which go directly to the Grand Final where the Best Wines of Spain are selected. In turn, the CIVAS Contest reserves the right to distinguish those wines with a score of 90 points and a Silver Medal, granting them a special mention despite being left out of the final selection.

A jury composed solely of sommeliers as well as the committee of the Akatavino Wine Magazine and Guide, directed by Antonio Jesús Pérez and María Navarro, evaluated the 500 finalist wines during two weeks in a double blind tasting. From among these 500 wines came out the 10 Best Wines of Spain in each category.

IV Edition of the CIVAS 2021 Contest: 7 nominations

The IV Edition of the CIVAS 2021 Contest saw the participation of a total of 8 ANTIGVA wines, of which 7 were directly selected for the Grand Final. Selection Cabernet Sauvignon Cepas Viejas received a distinction in the form of a Silver Medal with a rating of 90 points.

The 7 wines nominated with a Gold Medal and a rating of more than 90 points were:

  1. ANTIGVA Grand Reserve (Macabeo, Parellada, Xarel·lo / D.O. Cava): a Brut Nature Gran Reserva cava from vineyards over 60 years old at 400 meters above sea level. The aging continues for a minimum of 45 months. Production is less than 1,000 bottles and only in alternate vintages to guarantee quality. It received a rating of 95 points.
  2. ANTIGVA Millésimé (Macabeo, Parellada, Xarel·lo, Chardonnay / D.O. Cava): a Brut Nature Reserva cava made with grapes from the same estate and only in the best vintages. Minimum aging of 36 months in contact with its lees before its release to the market. With a production of less than 2,000 bottles, it received a rating of 93 points.
  3. ANTIGVA Brut Rosé (Trepat, Monastrell / D.O. Cava): reserve rosé cava from a coupage whose varieties come from vineyards located in Conca del Barberà. Its proximity to the sea provides moisture and freshness, moderating water stress during maturation. The aging lasts at least 20 months. The production is less than 2,500 bottles and received a rating of 94 points.
  4. ANTIGVA Crianza (Tempranillo / D.O. Ribera del Duero): our iconic red wine is aged in 250-litre French and American oak barrels for 17 months, extended for another 12 months in the bottle before being released on the market. With a production of less than 4,000 bottles, the current aging received a rating of 93 points.
  5. Analema Negre de nit (Garnacha Peluda / D.O. Montsant): the Garnacha peluda comes from vineyards with an average age of 70-80 years. The aging takes place for 27 months in 500-litre French oak barrels and in the bottle before it is released onto the market. Our Montsant limited series varietal red wine received a rating of 97 points.
  6. Analema Blanc de dia (Garnacha Blanca / D.O. Montsant): aging takes place for 20 months in first-use 500-litre acacia barrels and in bottle before it is released onto the market. With a production of around 600 bottles, our varietal white wine received a rating of 93 points.
  7. Analema Rosat de l’alba (Garnacha Peluda, Picapoll Blanca / D.O. Montsant): a rosé wine aged in second-use acacia barrels of 500 liters for 4 months, with another 8 months in the bottle before being released on the market. With a production of less than 600 bottles, our rosé wine par excellence received a rating of 95 points.

These 7 nominated wines opted to be selected in the following categories: Best Cavas in Spain with ANTIGVA Grand Reserve and ANTIGVA Millésimé; Best Rosé Sparkling Wines from Spain with ANTIGVA Brut Rosé; Best Red Wines of Spain with Analema Negre de nit and ANTIGVA Crianza; Best White Wines of Spain with Analema Blanc de dia; Best Rosé Wines of Spain with Analema Rosat de l’alba; as well as Best Ribera del Duero Wine with ANTIGVA Crianza and Best Montsant Wine with the three wines from the Analema collection.

Results AkataVino Awards 2022: 5 awards

Finally, the XIX Edition of the AkataVino Awards 2022 was resolved with a total of 5 Awards for our wine project. All a success!

1. Analema Negre de nit: TOP 1 Best Montsant Wine / TOP 6 Best Red Wines from Spain

2. Analema Rosat de l’alba: TOP 2 Best Rosé Wines from Spain

3. ANTIGVA Grand Reserve: TOP 7 Best Cavas in Spain

4. ANTIGVA Brut Rosé: TOP 6 Best Sparkling Wines from Spain

10 Best Wineries in Spain

In turn, our wine project, ANTIGVA Compañía Agroalimentaria Española del Mediterráneo, was selected among the 10 Best Wineries in Spain, placing us as one of the most interesting and promising proposals for the present 2022. We could not be happier!

Thank you very much, AkataVino!

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