The Property

The property, heart of this project, is home to almost five hectares of vineyards, although we count with the adjacent farmlands association, so that’s add ten hectares more to this project. A calcareous clay soil, where there is a predominant mixture of clay, sand and silt with the presence of llicorella. The vineyards are old, with a high average age of more than 60 years, and they are located about 400 meters above sea level.


At the county of Alt Penedès, there is a town called Torrelles de Foix where four generations have been farming their vineyards. Nowadays, the current generation of this family decide to move from viticulture to viniculture, to making wines and cavas from their own grapes and market them by themselves.


Times changes and the good wines don’t have to be of noble birth and they don’t have to be bastards if they are born in small places, as the wines made by young oenologists in places like their garage’s homes.


We only make high-quality wines and cavas using cutting-edge and traditional artisan techniques. Our aim is to create wines and cavas appreciated and requested by our clients and final consumers.

Cava and Wine ANTIGVA